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We Care About Scents
At Huangshan Kehong Bio-Flavor Co., Ltd., we have capacity to product 200+ high-quality flavor ingredients to our customers. Our R&D team works tirelessly and innovatively to develop and customize flavor ingredients to satisfy the needs of our customers. We look forward to collaborating with our customers to bring the best flavor ingredients to the world.
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Huangshan College Students Visited Huangshan Kehong Bio-Flavor Co., Ltd.

Huangshan College students majoring in chemical engineering visited our company to learn some practical knowledge on flavor ingredients production. Our CEO, Cunzhao Cheng, introduced our production standard operation procedure with these students in production department, and walked through the detailed product...


Firefighting Practice Excecise

She County Fire department staff were invited to Huangshan Kehong Bio-flavors Co., Ltd to do a mock firefighting exercise. Firefighters delivered a full speech on how to avoid fire in company and how to escape from fire. After presentation, firefighters conducted a mock firefighting exercise in the production...


First Aid Training Practice

Medical doctors and nurses from Huangshan City Hospital were invited to Huangshan Kehong Bio-flavors Co., Ltd to train our company personnel and staff on first aid knowledge and practice. This training session aimed to bring necessary first-aid knowledge to our personnel and would improve first response perio...